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Featured Attorney - Michaela Bishop

Our featured attorney is MIchaela Bishop a senior who has been a youth court attorney for 4 years. She plans to attend Metropolitan Community College at Blue River.

Michaela says she enjoys being a youth court attorney because she gets experience on how the court process works. She hopes to be an attorney some day.

Her favorite youth court memories are the pool party because it brought all the attorneys closer. She has also enjoyed all court nights she has attended. And she has been a very faithful volunteer.

The only thing she wishes she had done differenty was "not miss that one day".

She hopes to leave a mark on the people that surrounded her. "Something to be remembered by."

We wish Michaela all the luck in world in her future endeavors. I'm certain she will be remembered and will leave her mark where ever she goes and whatever she does. I also hope she will continue to visit us in the future.


IYC Coordinator


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