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Matt Ford/ Comets Fundraiser


Youth Court is a non profit. This means we rely on donations from various entities to run our program. One is the City of Independence, the other is COMBAT (Community Backed Anti Drug Tax).

We also take opportunies siuch as the one I am about to describe to raise additional funds. Matt Ford in Buckner sponsers the Comets. They choose 4 non profit organizations to attend a game and raise money by selling raffle tickets. The top 4 organizations with the most nominations are selected.

We need Independence Youth Court to get nominations. You can go the the Matt Ford Facebook page and nominate us. Basically saying I nominate Independence Youth Court to be selected to participate in the fund raiser at the Comets Game. You could mention that you are an attorney if you are (or the parent of one). If you attend Fort Osage mention that as well.

Please tell all of your family and friends to go to Matt Ford facebook and nominate us!!

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