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Featured Attorney Ethan Morrow

Ethan attends Fort Osage High school as a senior and has been a Youth Court participant for 4 years.

He particularly enjoys: "Making up arguments for either the defending side or the prosecution." Sounds like you'd make a great adult attorney!

His favorite memory:"My favorite memory is when I had my first trial. It was very exciting, but challenging at the same time."

If he had done anything differently it would be: "I can't say I have any regrets. I took as many cases as I could, worked in nearly every position (Judge, Prosecutor, Defense) and had a lot of great experiences.

It's so interesting to watch these young people grow up before our eyes. They come in as hesitant 8th or 9th graders, then before you know it they fill out that Judge's robe like it was made for them. Ethan will have a wonderful future, we have no doubt about that.

Good luck Ethan!

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