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Farewell to our Seniors

It's time to say goodbye to our Seniors for 2016. We begin with Kyle Watkins Davis.

Member of Youth Court since 2009

I enjoy having a positive impact on the juvenile offenders during the court process. This is accomplished by listening to the juveniles carefully and sharing the knowledge that this court is a true second chance to not have a permanent criminal record. One suggestion I make to the offenders is to surround themselves with positive influences as friends can break you or build you up.

My favorite memories have been as the Judge since I have the opportunity to talk with all of the juvenile offenders. It is important to set a serious tone in the sentencing process but to still treat the students with compassion and respect. The best experience is always when a juvenile tells you that they have learned a lesson and will not be back to court.

No regrets.

I've known Kyle since he was a toddler. It's been amazing to watch him grow in to such a wonderful young man. I know he will make his own mark in this world and I'm excited to watch that happen.

We will all miss you Kyle (in particular me!). Please visit us often!!

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