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Lunar Bowl Fundraiser 2019! Another success!

Our 2019 Independence Youth Court Lunar Bowl Fundraiser is now in the books. And another successful endeavor, in great part to our donors. The list is at the top but we also had great silent auction items from Royals tickets to a CHOCOLATE basket. Yes alllll chocolate. In addition, BARBECUE! Yes you read right. You could attend a baseball game, come home and have barbecue (or in my case, Kim Avelyn's fresh made Lasagna) for dinner and enjoy chocolate for dessert. We had it all. Todd Hargis got three of three if you count Virginia DeBoard's wonderful cinnamon rolls for his dessert!!

Thank you to everyone who participated including School Resource Officers: Travis Gillihan, Jeff Nunn, Chris Brayer, Alicia Smith and their families and Board Member, Desiree Abraham.

We also want to acknowledge members of the Executive Board: Molly Clemons, Jackie Sommer, Ania Moncrief, Bailey Schnackenberg, Bruce Bailey, Desiree Abraham and everyone who bought tickets to our bowling event.

Once again thanks so much for all your support. We couldn't do it without you!

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