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The Independence Police Department may refer juveniles for the following type offenses:
Aiding in the Commission of a Misdemeanor                                                Possession: Alcohol, Drugs, Drug Paraphernalia
Assault                                                                                                                       Property Damage
DisorderlyConduct                                                                                                 Receiving Stolen Property
Disturbing the Peace                                                                                             Stealing/Shoplifting
Harassment                                                                                                             Tampering with a motor vehicle
Illegal Burning                                                                                                         Trespassing
Interfering with an officer -Fleeing Resisting                                                 Traffic violations(if under 16 years of age)
Loitering                                                                                                                    Vandalism
Parties (False information to a Police Officer )                                               Minor Weapons (no firearms)
STATUS OFFENSES: Curfew violation, Runaway, Tobacco Violations., Truancy
When a juvenile is referred to Youth Court he will receive notice by mail (usually within 20 days of receipt in the office  (Officer must submit his report to the detective unit first.) A court date is assigned and the juvenile and family are then notified.
An adult in is the courtroom at all times to monitor the proceedings.
The juvenile along with their parent or guardian are to appear on the assigned date and time.  If he/she pleads guilty in front of the teen judge, a senternce is then handed down.  After appearance before the judge the family speaks to the Office Administrator to receive further information regarding classes and due dates for completion of Community Service.
(Should the juvenile plead "not guilty" they will then speak to the Office Administrator regarding their court date and any further instructions.)
All community service must be done at a non-profit organization. If not an approved non profit, hours will not count.  An extension on due date  for completion may be granted depending on circumstances, however a large portion of the hours must be completed before an extension may be granted.
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